Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Basic Home Tip To Weight Loss 4 Idiots

 Hey if you reading this post it does not means that you are an idiot :D. I was thinking to write something on effective weight loss with some attractive title so I made it weight loss 4 idiots :D. Now most of time people are asking me the same that how to lose weight, again and again as I am smartest one amongst my colleagues. :P

So I thought to write a post and refer every one who asks me same. Effective weight loss has nothing special you just have do what i do remain smart and keep losing weight. First you have to quit sleeping, secondly keep your self tensed every time, thirdly choose girl friend who talks to much and eats out your brain, keep your self angry ever time and last and most effective my weight loss tip, donot eat much. If you gonna follow these rules than you will be following the title weight loss 4 idiots. :P 

The above weight loss tips were actually 4 idiots but now seriously if you have lose your weight effectively then all you have to do is :

Homemade tip for effective weight loss

Every morning after waking up and before eating or drinking anything, take a glass of luke warm lemon water but with out sugar, you can add salt if you want to. Remember you have to be empty stomach to drink this. Taking it regularly will effectively reduce your weight upto 3-4 Kgs in a month. This weight loss tip was not 4 idiots. :P

Follow my weight loss recipe and tell me how it worked for you guys. I will be waiting for your comments and please do tell me about which method was better to lose weight. Weight loss 4 idiots or the second one. :D. If you like my posts do subscribe my group to have updates about my blog.

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