Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Basic Home Tip To Weight Loss 4 Idiots

 Hey if you reading this post it does not means that you are an idiot :D. I was thinking to write something on effective weight loss with some attractive title so I made it weight loss 4 idiots :D. Now most of time people are asking me the same that how to lose weight, again and again as I am smartest one amongst my colleagues. :P

So I thought to write a post and refer every one who asks me same. Effective weight loss has nothing special you just have do what i do remain smart and keep losing weight. First you have to quit sleeping, secondly keep your self tensed every time, thirdly choose girl friend who talks to much and eats out your brain, keep your self angry ever time and last and most effective my weight loss tip, donot eat much. If you gonna follow these rules than you will be following the title weight loss 4 idiots. :P 

The above weight loss tips were actually 4 idiots but now seriously if you have lose your weight effectively then all you have to do is :

Homemade tip for effective weight loss

Every morning after waking up and before eating or drinking anything, take a glass of luke warm lemon water but with out sugar, you can add salt if you want to. Remember you have to be empty stomach to drink this. Taking it regularly will effectively reduce your weight upto 3-4 Kgs in a month. This weight loss tip was not 4 idiots. :P

Follow my weight loss recipe and tell me how it worked for you guys. I will be waiting for your comments and please do tell me about which method was better to lose weight. Weight loss 4 idiots or the second one. :D. If you like my posts do subscribe my group to have updates about my blog.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The 5 Best Muscle Gaining Supplement

The 5 Best Muscle Gaining supplement

1. Protein supplements

Without protein - YOU CAN'T Build Muscle because... Your muscles are made up of mostly protein & water and...

If at least 30% of the calories you eat everyday is not protein - You can expect NOT to build a lot of muscle so...

Make sure you eat a variety of high protein muscle building foods like Lean beef, fish (canned tuna & salmon) , lean chicken or turkey, eggs & egg whites, cottage cheese + Protein shakes & Meal Replacements and...
The reason why you want to eat a variety of high protein foods is so you can get all the amino acids your body needs to build muscle and...

Although Muscle is made up of Protein - Protein is made up of amino acids so really... Amino acids are the basic building blocks of muscle and...

Since there's *20 different types of amino acids - you want to try to eat a different source of protein in each of your meals or at least you should try changing your protein sources daily.
*You can probably still build muscle by eating the same protein food source all the time but if you ever hit a muscle building plateau - Eating a different Protein food source can definitely help you break out of that muscle building plateau and build more muscle.

2. Protein Shakes & Meal Replacements

Protein shakes & Meal Replacements come in handy when you don't have time to prepare a meal or cook a high protein steak for example and...

There's basically 3 types of protein shakes you can take...

1. Fast acting Whey Protein shakes

Whey protein is quickly absorbed or digested by your body and this is what makes whey protein perfect to have within 2 hours after working out so your body can quickly get the protein it needs to help you recovery and build muscle faster after working out.

2. Slow acting Casein & Egg Protein shakes

These are usually called night-time proteins because they are digested slowly (Casien & egg protein shakes take about 4-to-8 hours to digest) and the slow digestion makes it best to take at nighttime or in your last daily meal so your muscles can still get a steady supply of protein even while you sleep.

3. Blended Protein shakes

These are just protein shakes that have a combination of whey, casein and egg in them and usually.. Most Meal Replacements (MRP's) like Labrada Lean Body For Men are made up of blended proteins.

Remember: You only need PROTEIN to build muscle so You don't need Protein shakes & Meal Replacements to build muscle but...

You may find it very hard to make & eat 5-to-6 different protein food sources everyday in each of your 5-to-6 meals to build muscle so...

It's best that you try to consume 2-to-3 quick & easy to make protein shakes and/or MRP's daily to save time.

3. Water

Your muscles are estimated to be somewhere between 70-to-80% water and 25% Protein so You should try to drink at least 1 liter of water everyday.

4. L-Glutamine supplement

L-Glutamine or Glutamine is an amino acid and you already know that amino acids are the building blocks of protein and your muscle is made up of protein & water but of all the 20 amino acids that make up the muscle building proteins in your body...
Glutamine makes up more than 60% of those amino acids in your muscles which makes it a very important muscle building supplement and...

If you eat foods high in protein along with Protein shakes & Meal Replacements - You'll get enough Glutamine to build muscles and...

To help you recovery and build muscle faster - you can supplement with 10-to-20 grams of L-Glutamine powder daily.

Fact: Hospitals give trauma and post surgical patients about 20-to-40 grams of Glutamine a day via an intravenous solutions to help their muscles recovery & grow faster.

5. Complex Carbs (carbohydrates) & Healthy Fat

Before you think about going on an ultra-high protein only diet - You must know that YOU CAN'T Build Muscle without eating enough Carbs and fats so really...

About 45-to-65% of the total daily calories you eat should be from carbs & healthy fats and the rest protein and here's why carbs & fats are important for building muscle...

If you don't eat enough carbs - your body will breakdown and burn muscle for energy causing you to lose muscle and...
You need to eat carbs to stay energized so you can workout longer and lift heavier weights to build bigger muscles because... Carbohydrates are what your body uses for energy and more importantly...
Without enough healthy fats in your diet like monounsaturated fats & Omega-3's - your body can't produce testosterone which is a MAJOR muscle building hormone .

Source : nowloss.com

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Losing Weight For Dummies

Losing Weight For DummiesYou’ve taken the decision to lose weight. Great news. You’re going to positively change your life forever. Losing unwanted weight has so many positive benefits. Your skin starts glowing. You smile more. Your social life involves. You feel so much better about yourself. There are many different ways that you can lose weight and keep it off. Some seem complicated others too easy. Here are the essential of losing weight for dummies.

 1 – Thirty minutes of exercise every single day. You need to use your body in order to burn calories. Thirty minutes every single day should be the bare minimum. If you want to get healthier, lose weight quicker and feel better you’ll increase that amount to about an hour every day.

 2 – The type of exercise you do depends solely on you. Don’t look at your friends or the celebrities in magazines. Find out what activities you enjoy and make them a part of your day. Join a team sport club or persuade a friend or family member to work out with you if you don’t want to do it alone. Buy a dog and start walking it. Swap the car for a bicycle. Find something that works for you.

 3 – Get rid of the sugar. It’s not just fat that’s too blame for so much weight in our world. Sugar is a bigger culprit. Sugar is poison to the body and it prevents your metabolism from functioning correctly. Cut out sugars like sweets, chocolate, biscuits, cakes, soft drinks and table sugar. If you get a sugary craving have a piece of fruit instead.

 4 – Move every change you get. People who fidget a lot have a tendency to be thinner than those who are constantly still. You can burn calories even while watching television. Lift your legs. Tap your fingers or feet. At work instead of sending an email walk to your colleagues cubicle. Walk to the corner store instead of sending the kids. The small things accumulate to have huge effects on the end result.

 5 – Losing weight for dummies does not mean that you will loose your weight in one day, weight loss takes time. Make sure you give yourself enough time to lose weight. It’s taken you months if not years to put on the weight so why should it come off within a few short weeks. You can lose about 0.5kg a week or about 2kg a month. Any more and you are risking the yo-yo effect.

 These are five essentials things for dummies when losing weight. Move as much as possible. Eat regularly and healthy. Drink water instead of cola and find someone to do it all with to make the process easier and more motivating.