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Skin Whitening Products - Homemade Skin Whitening Products Recipes Revealed

Every one wants to look beautiful, younger and also fair, lighter complexion. For this people spend too much money on  purchasing expensive cosmetics, good quality skin whitening products and  going to a beauty salon too for beauty treatments. Skin whitening products are common now a days in the market in the form of soap, cream, lotion, gel etc. But I prefer not to spend your money on expensive skin whitening products,  you can make your own skin whitening products at home as these homemade products are very cheap and inexpensive. You just have search your kitchen for beauty recipes ingredients I am going to mention :

Top 3 Homemade Skin Whitening Products 


Homemade Orange Pack skin Whitening Product

skin whitening products

  Collect the orange peels and dry them in the sunlight.
· Let them be there till they get fully dried.
· Now grind them and make a fine powder.
· When you have to apply it, add some raw milk to this powder and make a fine paste.
· Wait for it to get completely dried on the face.
· Then rinse it off after a few minutes using lukewarm water.
· It can be applied daily also.

Homemade Sandal facial Skin Bleach / Whitening Product

skin whitening products

The ingredients are as follows:
· Sandalwood powder
· Lemon juice
· Cucumber juice
· Tomato juice
Mix these properly and make a fine paste. Apply it on the skin. Then wait for it to get fully dried. It helps you have bright and light colored skin with a an even texture and complexion.

Homemade Gram Flour Facial Skin Bleach / Whitening Product


skin whitening products

The ingredients are as follows:
· 2 spoon full gram flour
· 1 pinch of turmeric powder
· A few drops of milk cream
· A few drops of lemon juice
Mix these to make a fine paste and evenly spread it on the skin. Wait until it dries out fully. Then scrub it off. You can apply it on all parts of the body.

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