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Braun Series 7 – 790cc Pulsonic Shaver Review

braun shaver 360 complete 8985The Braun Series 7790cc Pulsonic Shaver is engineered by Braun to capture more hair with every stroke, even problem hairs for the closest and most comfortable shave.
The Pulsonic Technology from Braun sends over 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute via the shaver head to helps to stimulate the skin, causing the skin to ripple, in order to expose and cut more hairs with every stroke.
With the Gillette Blade Technology, the hair is shaved with high-speed precision in a single stroke without pulling or tugging.
The shaver also comes with a Sensitive Flexing Head that follows the contour of the face and shaves hard-to-reach areas using touch sensitive foils that respond to the slightest change in the skin surface for a the closest a most comfortable shave. The smart foil captures hairs that grow from different directions for a closer shave in fewer strokes.
The Power Comb features meanwhile lifts problem hairs that lie flat to the skin to ensure that hard to shave hairs not to be missed. The Braun Series 7 has also been awarded with an ENERGY STAR qualified battery charger.
The Clean & Renew System that comes with the shaver automatically cleans, lubricates, dries and charges the shaver at the touch of a button. The Fast Clean mode cleans the shaver in just 25 seconds. The shaver can also be washed under running water in case the Clean & Renew system is not available.
At the exterior, the shaver has an elegant silver and chrome finish with sleek lines design combines with a modern and ergonomic design.
Below are the pros and cons of the Braun Series 7 – 790cc Pulsonic Shaver experienced by its users.

  • The vibration is not really noticeable.

  • The shaver is much gentler.

  • The shaver is pretty comfortable to hold with a rubber grip handle on the back.

  • The shaver moves very easily over the face.

  • The shaver doesn’t get hot after a couple minutes of use.

  • The shave is about 97% as close as a regular lather and razor shave and it takes the user significantly less time to shave in the morning.

  • The shaver does not leave stubbles and it isn’t necessary to shave more than once a day.

  • The shaver fits in your hand better, faster, quieter, adjusts to the face better and it can be forced to clean whenever the user wants.

  • The slider power button is gone so no more accidentally turning off the shaver while using it.

  • The shaver gives a good, close shave without irritation and gets those pesky neck hairs pretty well.

  • The shaver can be used with the cord and also quick charges if needed.

  • No sore neck or face after using the shaver daily.

  • The shaver consume low energy use when cleaning as confirmed by the user’s watt killer meter.

  • After the cleaning cycle, the shaver smells like lemon citris.

  • The shave is closer, quieter and quicker than the Braun Syncro. The shaver is also cheaper than the Braun Syncro.

  • It shaves closer and more comfortably then all the other foil razors.

  • The shaver is quite heavy but not too heavy as it feels good in the hand.

  • The shaver is powerful because it cuts through whiskers (even several days’ worth of growth) without hesitation.

  • No pinching.

  • At full charge, the shaver can last for 5 days.

  • The power cord can be detached from the base station and taken for longer travel trips.

  • Side-burn trimmer works pretty good.

  • The shaver comes with Battery/Hygiene indicator.

  • The shaver is not suitable for ingrown hairs.

  • The shaver is quite expensive.

  • The shaver is noisier than the Norelco.

  • The users have to buy cleaning cartridges once a month.

  • The charger/cleaner is cheaply constructed. The cleaner stand is cheap plastic looking in comparison to the high-end look of the shaver.

  • Some users experience pulling and grabbing on the chin hairs and it was painful.

  • The “Hygiene” indicator seems a bit too sensitive and will be at empty after about 2-3 shave.

  • The wall plug is too long before the cord bends down, so that it unseats from being plugged into the wall by its own weight.

  • It is really noisy when cleaning.

  • It still leaves small patches of hair in random places.

  • The built in battery/hygiene indicator on bottom of the razor has some issues. When the hygiene is low your razor will automatically cut off.

  • The display for the battery and for hygiene are not bright or easy to read.

  • The user cannot get a clean shave around his neck region, especially the side lower neck regions
    No remaining shaving time indication.

  • The foil seems to be having holes that are too small. This caused the hair (especially on under the chin, neck area) does not get caught into the foil, so the vibrating blade has nothing to cut that leaves many places on the user’s face with single uncaught hairs sticking here and there.

  • The contacts at the back do not make good contact with the charging/cleaning base. When the shaver starts the cleaning cycle, quite often the contacts separate, and both cleaning and charging stop in the middle, leaving the shaver soaked in the cleaning fluid.

  • One user has its beard trimmer on the shaver simply fell off after about 5 months.

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