Monday, March 2, 2009

Acne Solution | Acne Treatment | Blackhead Treatment

Acne and Blackheads usually appear on an oily skin or in teenage where body faces many hormonal changes, which reflect on the skin as acne and blackheads. Acnes are the most common skin problem, which affects everybody excepting few lucky people. In severe acne problem they can appear on the back, neck, shoulders and even on the arms.

The problem is always not as bad as at the time of puberty in the boys and girls. In normal course people do get one or two acne at a time though when there is a hormonal imbalance, people get acne all over their face and get dirty deep marks. Acne problem is difficult to tackle when they start spreading all over the body. Then you need to seek a medical help with a professional dermatologist.

Blackheads appear on the skin when sebum gets stored in the pores of our skin and collect dirt, which makes the pores hard. People who don't do proper cleaning of the face too get ugly black heads on their skin which get deep set with time and ignorance. The tip of the pore appears black so they are called Blackheads. T-zone skin is more prone to get black heads as they usually appear on the nose and chin. By using some home made skin remedies and following a daily skin care regime one can surely prevent the problem of acne and black heads and can get a beautiful blemish free skin.

• The keyword for a healthy glowing skin is drinking plenty of water. Water detoxifies the skin and keeps acne and black heads at bay.

• Wash your face on and off with good medicated soap and lukewarm water so that no dirt and impurities are left on the skin.

• For blackheads, soak rice in the water in the night. Grind them and make a paste in the morning. Add a pinch of turmeric to it. Apply this paste on the face and scrub off when a little dries. It removes the black and whiteheads from the skin.

• Soak almonds in the water overnight. Peel them off in the morning and make a paste. Add honey to this paste and apply on the face. Scrub it off when dry or after 20 minutes. It removes the black heads and adds glow to the skin.

• Rubbing a lemon peel on the blackheads too removes them and clears the skin.

• For better results take steam on the skin where you have black heads and then apply these scrubbers. It makes the pores loose so that the dirt comes up on the skin surface and it makes easy for the black head to come out of the skin.

• Soak fenugreek seeds in water for 4 hours. Make a paste of it and add a half lemon juice to it. Apply it on the face and scrub it off when dries. It helps in removing the black heads.

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